Planning scents with a blocked nose : /

I’m home from work for the rest of this week – the dreaded lurgy has got me. I have about half a brain, a small percentage of lungs and varying amounts of throat working for me at the moment – the rest are working against me.

So, I’m researching my next batch – this website is awesome:

<a href=””>Essential Oils for Soap Making</a>

I’m dipping toothpicks in oils and combining. I reckon I might test my fragrance mix on a batch of soap – what’s the worst that can happen?

Well – maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to make a batch of soap with only half a brain working. The end result looked curdled and slightly odd, but I will reserve judgement until I get the big one out of the mold. I had a bit left over and made a few small test soaps – you can see how odd they look!


And the whole house is full of the scent of cinnamon, citrus and sandalwood – but that could be due to me spilling drops whilst sorting out a box full of oils that I found stashed away.

The good thing is that last weeks soaps are looking good – but I have to wait until the middle of May before we can try them! This is really hard for an impatient person. I am impatient.


And I got the dishes done before collapsing onto the couch …IMG_7899


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