Curds & whey, and green mandarine marmalade. Salvaging food!

I’m still coughing and spluttering – at least in the daytime, I can preoccupy myself a bit.

I have been looking at a jug of milk in the fridge for nearly two weeks. I bought 2 litres of cheap milk that was at it’s use by date on Sat 4th April, so I could use the cartons for soap moulds. I always buy super good unhomogenised, biodynamic milk to use, so wasn’t that keen to use the actual milk from the cartons, but am too stingy (?thrifty) to throw it out.

I thought I would make cheese, but also thought the milk would be really off by now. Strangely, it didn’t smell sour at all (however, my sense of smell just now ain’t that good so it might have done!)   Anyway, I thought – today is cheese day.

After a quick google, I could barely believe that all I had to do was boil the milk, add vinegar and strain, and then I would have cheese (cottage cheese or panir), and whey. But that really was all i had to do! Apart from a squeeze of lemon juice, which I added when the milk didn’t seem to have curdled enough. Check this out:


Now I’ll have to google whey recipes!!

And then, a guy came and delivered truckload of mulch up the driveway, knocking a pile of green mandarins off the tree. They smelled so good, that I couldn’t face chucking them all away (only the squashed ones, which I noticed were orange inside and the scent was amazing).

So – this afternoon, I’ll test out green mandarine marmalade with this lot;


and my trusty little helper…


An hour later, and this is what’s happened;

IMG_0354   IMG_0355IMG_0356IMG_0357

and my trusty helper?…



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