Sunday is market day

What a treat it is to be able to walk to the Farmer’s Market at the local school on a Sunday morning!

P came by with baby S in the pram, E & me, and Pete the Staffy walked 15 minutes through our lovely leafy neighbourhood to the Market on this beautiful sunny morning. We are soaking up the last of the sun before autumn moves in with it’s chill.

Compare this to a supermarket trip:

We find some chairs to sit on in the shade, E goes off to buy some coffee and Pete entertains some of the local toddlers.

We get chatting to a man at the end of the table (who we have never met before) – discuss farming and produce, and then his teenaged daughter joins the table, tunes up her guitar and softly plays and sings while we chat.

We sip our lovely coffee, come and go from the table to purchase bread, or veggies or organic meat / fish or dog food, and nibble our way through some of Gabby’s amazing lamingtons (lemon curd and salted caramel lamingtons – who would’ve thunk it?)

We find old friends to connect with and make new friends for the morning. There is music, dogs and kids, a whole community of people enjoying slowly shopping. There are no labels screaming from shelves at us. If we happen to find a queue to pay for something, it’s a chance to laugh and chat. There are no trolleys – we take our own bags. We can talk to the person who grew the food that we are about to purchase.

Joy! Now it’s back to the couch to watch the footy : )


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