Rose petals, Earl Grey tea, and loving the Shed

Thank goodness for Fridays off after a struggle-week with the lurgy refusing to completely leave me. At home, I can pace myself.

Chris ( came and started on refreshing the garden for winter. We now have freshly composted beds – a blank palette! I am hoping to put in heaps of fragrant herbs and potential soap-ingredient candidates along with the winter veg – we have a massive patch of parsley that self seeds – maybe parsley soap? Or maybe not.


I was given a bag of rose petals at work yesterday – so last night, I got to work making rose petal tea;


Such stunning rose coloured water – although the petals were assorted colours!

Next – making rose-infused oil:

IMG_2691  IMG_2692IMG_2693

In a crockpot of hot water to speed up the process (aka – cheat!)

IMG_2694 IMG_2695

And then having got the roses sorted, I made a pot of Earl Grey tea!


Odd pot? Yep! It went into a batch of soap today! Earl Grey tea soap with extra Bergamot oil – a recipe from

It’s currently cuddled up in the shed keeping warm in a towel, as the night is cold!

I got sidetracked cleaning up the shed today. This soap thing seems to be really keeping me to task for cleaning out. I like it. I shifted the boxes of other people’s stuff and unearthed an old kitchen cabinet – now scrubbed up and full of soap bits and pieces. All the old seventies type kitchen gear, chipped bowls, odd spoons, teapots and baskets are all super handy for the Soap Shed, and now they have a place to live.

But I didn’t get to the Rose Soap – that’ll be tomorrow.

On the other hand, the marmalade is tasting OK – and I managed to give 2 jars away today. It’s still bitter.


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