The Warpi-ness of Time – and loads of soap in the shed…

Time is a confusing entity. Or perhaps a non-entity.

It seems like ages ago that I was making the first soaps, but waiting 4-6 weeks for them to be ready seems to be taking a very long time! I feel like many weeks have flown by, but then I look at the calendar and only one or two have passed.

Weekends fly by, and weekdays crawl. It’s a strange phenomenon, the perception of Time.

As an aside, and on the “up” side, I think that Lavender is off the hook for the migraines. The brainfog lasted for a week or so – whilst the “controlled burn” of the bushland around our city took place. This is to reduce the “fuel load”, so that in summer we don’t have terrible bushfires. This is what the sky looked like as I left work on one of the final days of the smoke / smog. For days before, the whole sky had been full of that stuff. A lot of people were sick for the week!


I have been filling the weekend hours researching oils. Last weekend, I made a couple of soaps with soothing oils for dermatitis, and tried another “seedy” one, this time using linseeds.

I sliced them up after work today and the seedy one smells a bit like porridge – although I have found that the scent develops through the cure time, so will reserve judgement.


Another weekend soap was a “chamomile and honey” – and although I did check that it didn’t seem to get too hot in the “gel phase”, the resulting soap does smell a bit like toffee (see the caramel looking squares below) – the round ones are the linseed sliced. More weeks of waiting!


There does seem to be rather a lot of soap in the shed now – will need a plan – or have to wash a LOT!!

Every weekend from now on, two or three soap types will be ready – although next weekend are the first dodgy rose soaps, so might be an anti-climax, but they have got a lovely aroma!

IMG_0374 IMG_0377

In the meantime, I have managed to reduce the day job to 4 days a week until end July – will soon run out of room in the shed – if more soap is generated every day at home! In quest of the perfect soap : )

Reducing the day job also gave me cause to contemplate “Time” – reducing hours in the day job is called improving “work / life balance” – does that mean that you are not considered to be in your life when at “work”? One third of each working day is spent in some sort of suspended animation (7.6 hrs plus travel time)? Surely not.

I guess yet again it comes back to “mindfulness”- the challenge is to be in each moment such that they all weigh equally. I will give that a crack, but suspect I will still look forward to getting back to the Shed.

And here is another sky – the sun trying really hard to wake up one morning as I was walking from the bus to work doing the same.



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