The Power of Intention – & all roads lead to soap!

“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”

There are many variations on this and the origins are hard to pin. Maybe it’s one of the archetypal notions that thread through us all.

Two things have played out along these lines for me lately, and I felt inclined to jot them down.

One is a tea cup.

I drink tea a lot. Not teabags – pots and teacup type tea. The cup is important.


My most recent favourite teacup had to be retired after a dishwashing incident rendered it unserviceable.

I am of the opinion that the flavour of a good cup of tea is influenced by the vessel from which it is drunk – I challenge you to test it for yourself!

My requirements are:

  • the cup must be made of fine bone china – ideally thin enough to be slightly translucent in good light,
  • it must be the right size – too big and the tea goes cold, too small and you have to sit next to the teapot for refillsIMG_2890IMG_2889
  • The cup must have a handle such that one finger can comfortably fit through it, whilst providing a shape for the handle to rest on the next finger.
  • The cup should have a slightly outward flared rim at the top – not be straight up and down
  • and finally, the cup will have that fine gold line around the top of the rim – I reckon this enhances the taste of the tea. No idea why!

I hate shopping.  My approach to shopping is to spend time lining up potential purchases in my internal “intention” queue. Then, on whatever day presents itself, I will write a list and head for the shop, and hope.

On my list last weekend, was a hammock and a teacup.

I started at the Oxfam shop. No luck with the sort of hammock I wanted.Next – the outdoors / explorer type shop. No luck there either, but the guy suggested the Markets.

I saw hammocks flying overhead as soon as I was near the Markets – and found my ideal hammock in a box out the back (also the cheapest- bonus!!)

Two shelves away – cups and mugs! Very pretty, but none met my requirements it seemed.

But some more cups were tucked away in a corner and not immediately catching my eye because they were ugly – covered in cars or trains like stickers on a bedroom door!  I thought I’d go beyond the superficial – and found a cup that had it all!

Fine bone china IMG_2897 – tick!

Translucent IMG_2896tick!

Good handle IMG_2892tick!

Not too big or too small IMG_2894 tick!

Gold rim, slightly flared  IMG_2895 tick, tick!

So – after a brief internal “don’t be swayed by ugliness” struggle, I had a little giggle about “be careful what you wish for”, and am now enjoying tea from my almost perfect cup.

This got me thinking about the strong power of “Intention” – or wishing or praying – however it works for you. And the moment at which we state that intention and set the wheels in motion.

About 2 months ago, during a brief chat with an old and special friend at an airport, I verbalised my intention to make soap. As soon as the words were out, I knew they had meaning.

Acting on this intention was easy – one foot in from of the other, but just keep moving.

So now, I have a hammock, a teacup – and a shed full of soap.

I think my take on the old saying is this:  Wishes are powerful, target them well.

Now – back to the soap, have a great day!



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