Nettles in the garden & hoping the price is right!

We moved into our house nearly 3 years ago.  Since then I have guiltily tried to eradicate the nettles in the back yard.

Guiltily because I know, as a herb, they are valuable – but they grow under the washing line and can sting as you peg!

Despite my best efforts though, the nettles have stayed.  Every year they reappear.  And now I am grateful.

I pulled some  up a few weeks ago and dried them in preparation for “Nettle and Cucumber soap” (thanks Nerdy Farm Wife)

IMG_2850 IMG_2852

Some went into a nettle tea.  This was combined with a strained cucumber skin puree and the mix went into the soap,

IMG_2883 IMG_2884 IMG_2885

and some got ground up with some French green clay that was added at the end.

IMG_2882 IMG_2886

The additives for this soap were fairly economical compared to the sandalwood oil!

Here’s the finished cucumber and nettle soap.  It looks interesting – I suspect it will be very skin soothing.


I have trouble attaching a monetary value to anything that I actually value,  hence my struggle with putting a price on the soap despite many purchase requests.  But I am realistic enough to know that this is not very sensible.

Another sticking point in setting a price is that my soaps are very “rustic” – i.e. never going to be a consistent weight or size.  I like them that way.  They are individuals.

I know my brain – if I feed information in,  eventually it will produce an answer that works – the frustrating bit,  for everyone who is not me,  is that one cannot hurry this process.

But yesterday I think I found the answer – I added up the cost v weight of all batches made thus far (15 in all)  and found an average $$ value per 100gm then added a bit, and think I can sell the soaps by weight at $5 / 100gm.

IMG_2876 IMG_2877

I’ll see how that goes for a while, anyway!

In the meantime, today I will make some more and hope the remaining nettles in the garden go to seed!


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