Rose petals, rainy days, and a test post

Our house and shed are full of rose petals!  This is something I could have always had, but it has taken the collecting of soap ingredients to give me a reason to actually test each nodding rose head for its readiness to give up it’s petals.  I have found that when they are ready, the petals will leave the rose easily.  The merging of various gardens into a bar of soap is somehow comforting.

IMG_2770 IMG_2887 IMG_2908

Outside, there is far less blue between the rain today.  We decided against the markets.  I think the soap literally is soggy, because there is so much moisture in the air, and the “curing” bars are trying to dry out with no success.

I have renamed the “Principessa” – she is now the “Queen” of soaps!!  I used her last night, and my skin feels so moisturised today, she is worth every expensive cent in her composition!  She was a combination of what I had in the shed at the time, and what the soap calculator said would give me the properties I was after. And then she was a luxurious mix of scents including an expensive dollop of sandalwood – so a combination of Olive oil,  Coconut oil, Shea butter, Avocado oil, Castor oil and Apricot kernel oil for the macro oil mix, and then Lemon verbena, Orange, Sandalwood and Cypress for the fragrance = JOY !!!

This is really a test post, because yesterdays got lost somewhere between WordPress and Facebook – they seemed to have had a falling out.  I have tried to relink, and this will be the test.

Happy days to you,  I will be on the couch – causing consternation to the Supervisor – this is what he does to me if I try to watch football on the telly – he stares straight at me – unwavering and unnerving!


Ah well,

Sarah : )


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