Mandarines, local harvest and an end to sinusitis!

So, I go to the GP and say “I think I have sinusitis”.

“Yes,” she says, “you have sinusitis. Take these antibiotics.”  Five minutes chat.

Cost = $92 for the consult, and more for the meds!!!

I am in the wrong business.

The mandarine tree in the drive way – biggest you’ve ever seen (the neighbours’ tree, but about a third of it hangs over our fence) is in full fruit!  E picked a few kilos this afternoon (I am not trusted up the ladder just now – sinusitis = unstable and dizzy!).  We’ll take them in to our day jobs and spread ’em round.  They are the sweetest, juiciest mandarines.IMG_2964

I am enjoying the garden produce of this season.  I feel like we have only a few little odds and sods of things in at the moment, but little bits go a long way.  I am loving our parsley patch – it is self seeding everywhere – including in the footpath and bricks around the shed.  So much better than all those bunches of parsley I used to buy and then throw half of into the compost a week later.  I have no idea why I didn’t get a crazy parsley patch going years ago!!


Last year I had some old spuds that were sprouting in the cupboard – they looked disgusting, but I cut them up and planted them.  We harvested a few kg of yummy potatoes last year, and I thought that was it, but we must have not found them all, because this year – more spuds!!  Talk about the gift that keeps on giving – I just have to work out when to dig them up now.  There’s about 5 or 6 plants, so should be quite a few spuds.

IMG_2976   And I was going to pull up some leaves in another part of the garden, when we realised that they were in fact a sweet potato I had planted when it also started sprouting in the cupboard – so should be another little crop waiting there too!  IMG_2971

The rocket that S gave me when I collected the mint for soap a month or two ago is happily settled in, IMG_2969 and we have a little patch of lettuce IMG_2983 – which doesn’t look like much, but a few outer leaves harvested make a great salad with a few added rocket leaves – as you can perhaps see – shared with garden bugs, so slightly lacey leaves!

I guess my point is that you don’t have to have much in the garden, or anything really fancy, to make a pleasant addition to your tucker, knowing that it’s pesticide free, and save a few dollars and trips to the shop.  IMG_2978 IMG_2996 IMG_2979

I just have one question – things to do with pomegranates…

I planted a pomegranate tree because they look so nice – like Chinese lanterns when they fruit.  This year the little pomegranate has given us some fruit. They are bursting every time it rains – I think because we’d had no rain for a while before, and the garden and been dry.  IMG_2966

So now, I have a few pomegranates – they are OK to just eat, but SO pippy!  What to do?

Soap-wise – this weekend, I am trying out minimal insulation whilst the soap is in the mould, because the last few batches seem to have got super hot and turned very brown.  There could be another reason for the colour – but I will experiment.

I have made a few soap sales this week, so can now restock ingredients – in the meantime, I am still trying to reconstruct the first Rose Geranium that I made – it was a joy to use, hugely popular – but the exact fragrance mix has since remained elusive!!

And finally…

Pete the Supervisor was looking sad. He’d been a bit housebound, so once the antibiotics kicked in we went for a stroll round the block.  Look what we happened upon – planting of the “Tropical Orchard”, and the Winter Solstice “Lantern Walk” through our local community orchard.

IMG_2985 IMG_2993

What a delightful place to live!  And that’s the weekend done.

Back to the day job tomorrow.


Sarah : )


One thought on “Mandarines, local harvest and an end to sinusitis!

  1. I agree Sarah, just a few touches of home-grown bits make meals so much more interesting. I’m having great fun with watercress which I am growing in an old wok we no longer use! We have the tiniest garden space, but it’s amazing how productive it can be. 🙂

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