Welcome Guests, and Boomerang Bugs!

There has been little activity on the soap front in the past 2 weeks, mostly due to preoccupation with house guests – our normally quiet house has been alive with my daughter and 16 month old grandson visiting from way up north.   My little grandson was fitted for his first glasses – which he took to really well – presumably he can now see a whole lot better!!

Pete has had another small person to supervise – this is his biggest joy!  Someone to share his various beds, and give him LOTS of attention.

Before anyone gets concerned about child and dog, let me assure you that Pete has earned his stripes in this regard, he loves being with the baby, and we are never more than a few feet away.  

IMG_3071 IMG_8019

He also knows that those little hands are likely to be a good source of food – thrown down from the high chair!


Our little dancer enjoyed the music while we shopped (and drank coffee) at the Sunday markets.


And now they have flown home to their warm part of the world.

Winter is gripping us firmly – and this years “bug” seems to have a triple hit effect.  I enjoyed a couple of breath-easy weeks, but I am back on the couch this week.

The Shed door is closed, but it’s calling me – through this chilly weather.  I am looking forward to my blood thawing out, but it could take a month or two.

I have no understanding how people can live in cold climates!!



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