Out of the Shed – walking the freeway path

There comes a time when complacency is impossible.

In my ideal world, I would be left to quietly potter in the shed and cook up new soap recipes, but there are forces moving in the purple cloud of politics and business, played out by those who only understand the currency of megabucks and power.

If they would play in their own paddock, all would be well, but the lungs of our community are under threat.  Both the environmental lungs – the trees and bushland that thread around our suburbs – and the lungs of us all, with the threat of tons of diesel particulate and other vehicle exhaust looming.

We live in a port city.  There is no question that the number of containers and cars being offloaded from ships is increasing.  A new road is being proposed.  Here is the problem:


I am amongst those who think that there should be less trucks and more rail links amongst other solutions, and will not sit by whilst this awful plan is executed – so I went along to the “Direct Action” workshop.  Strange days indeed when a half dozen young activists are teaching a roomful of grannies and people from local suburbs about how to plan and carry out acts of civil disobedience!!  Can you imagine your granny offering to chain herself to a bulldozer to protect the trees?

The final part of the day was to walk one section of the proposed freeway – along precious wetlands and through a strip of native bushland, pockmarked with bandicoot holes at ground level and loud with birdsong overhead.  Here are some photos that I took – all of this will very soon be a poorly planned 6-lane highway if the government / industry plans proceed – there is massive community uprising though – so send us your thoughts and best wishes – I really don’t want to have to stand in the path of a bulldozer…

IMG_0128 DSC02113DSC02114 DSC02115DSC02116 DSC02117DSC02118 DSC02119DSC02121 DSC02123DSC02126 DSC02128DSC02130 DSC02132 DSC02134  DSC02136 DSC02137  DSC02141 DSC02147  DSC02151 DSC02160  DSC02162



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