On the road, on the rails and flying high!

Sasoki Soaps has travelled – the Supervisors and the Shed have been left in the care of friends while E and I have travelled through England, Paris and Portugal over the last 3 1/2 weeks.   We walked – a LOT!!!  And took a lot of photos…

Firstly, through Norfolk graveyards – I met the relatives and, down a country lane, we found the little Church where I was baptised half a century ago.  The Church is deserted, and the bones of my great grandparents rest peacefully behind it.

IMG_0058  IMG_0016

We visited English Castles, rainy beaches, very fine tea shops, and E learned about scrumping apples for the pie –

IMG_0670 IMG_0247

IMG_0607 IMG_0249


In Paris, we walked a LOT!   Up and down 5 flights of stairs to our apartment,


past the Eiffel Tower, with a kangaroo looking on,


– then on Ludovic’s Airbnb walking tour, (https://www.airbnb.com.au/experiences/43)  we walked through some really funky out-of-the-way cafe’s and bars, and learned a lot!

IMG_1347  IMG_1337

IMG_1338  IMG_1333


In Portugal, we walked even more!!  Up and down hills and steps, from the idyllic cottage near Sintra where we stayed

IMG_1446  IMG_1670

to more amazing castles, palaces and phenomenal gardens with tiles and tiles and gargoyles and tiles –

IMG_1542  IMG_1603 IMG_1645  IMG_0151 IMG_1782   DSC02179 IMG_2007  IMG_1685

IMG_0156 IMG_0157

From there we spend 36 hours in Porto visiting friends, who packed more into our hours than we could have imagined!

IMG_2031 IMG_2049 IMG_2051 IMG_2109 IMG_2147 IMG_2178

And finally to Lisbon for the last leg, where I attended a Conference on Nutrition and ate a lot of Portuguese tarts : )


IMG_2287    IMG_2446

And of course walked and walked and walked – Portugal is very hilly!

You can see I made excellent use of the Dubai camera, I may still do a post of the lovely washing pictures, or the dogs, cats & ducks, or all the incredible gardens.

It’s a wonderful world!!


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