Shameless self-promotion

So, in another room of my life – along the corridor from the day job and the soap, there is a little wannabe script writer.

This wannabe scriptwriter ended up in a project with 7 strangers and we have a half finished short film – we hit the rocks at the edit (there’s only so much you can do on a budget of pure goodwill!)

So – here’s the rub – we are crowdfunding to get our little show on the road and maybe even bring this cool short film to a cool short film festival near you!

But we need help – as in money – to pay for a decent edit and some awesome music – so here’s our crowdfunding campaign…

You can even end up with a download of the film once it’s done!!

Thanks for the indulgence, and I’ll be back with some soap soon!!  I ran out of supplies after our big trip away, then got caught up in the day job, but have managed to make a real dandelion and honey soap and also gather the most amazing amount of wonderfully aromatic rose petals from friends and neighbours – and I have lavender oil marinading, and some lavender water ready to go.

The soap shed is ramping up again soon!

Have wonder-full days,

Sarah xx



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