Finally back in the Shed!!

It’s been a while.

Way too long in fact.  I opened the Shed door today, and saw all the soap-making bits and pieces gathering dust on the benches.

IMG_2999 IMG_3001

I also found the one batch of soap made in the last month – almost cured – it’s been so long!  This is the ‘dandelion, beeswax and honey’ made with actual dandelions.  I added some Lemon Verbena for a bit of scent too – I think it looks quite nice!


My soap stocks are VERY low – have nearly given it all away.  But in return, I have been given MOUNTAINS of rose petals from friends and neighbours (THANKS!!)


And been away so long that they have nicely dried!


And some had spent weeks in olive oil, so that I had some lovely rose-infused oil for today’s batch.  The petals had been in the oil for so long that everything must have been sucked out of them – when drained, the petal bits were almost crispy!

IMG_3004  The oil was delightful.

There was also Lavender-infused oil, from the garden Lavender – and Lavender water made last week.  All my ducks were clearly lining up for today!


There are now 2 blocks of soap snug under towels getting hot in the shed.

One is lavender, orange and violet leaf with pink clay.

The other is rose petal, aloe vera, rose geranium, patchouli and red clay.

The aloe vera was interesting – the recipe called for aloe vera gel.  Easy, I thought – there’s aloe in the garden.  I have only ever used the aloe for burns – cut a leaf in half and rub it on – never actually tried to scrape the gel and use that as an entity before.

Spiderman could use that stuff if he ever runs out of stick!!  I tried to scrape the gel out with a spoon, not getting the flesh from the leaf too close to it’s skin, which can aggravate.  I was supposed to use 30gm – it took forever to scrape the stuff and re-scrape it off my fingers – tried gloves that I thought may have less “stick” – I scratched about 20gm and gave up!!  If anyone has any hints on the aloe scraping – please HELP!!!

On the good side, my hands are lovely and soft – I find the coconut oil really dries my skin out if I get too much direct contact – the aloe sure fixed that!!

IMG_3010 IMG_3017

I had planned on also making another batch of mint, but that’ll be tomorrow.

Meantime – at our favourite local Farmer’s Markets the other week, we bought a dozen eggs. Check ’em out!  This lovely message was waiting for us when we opened the box!


You don’t get that at the supermarket!!


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