Hot process, cooling chia, and lightning flashes!

Synchronicity.  I thought it was looking good – recipes for Hot Process Soap kept appearing on my computer.  I have never made “Hot Process” soap – all have been “Cold process” – so my plan for today was to try:

But today, the weather decided to warm up! Significantly! To 39.4 degrees (C), in fact!

The Shed is made of some sort of metal (“Colourbond” perhaps, tho’ I am inclined to say “tin”) – it gets fairly warm in there.  And although the soap was called “Hot Process” – I thought I should give myself a bigger chance of success for a first batch.  Also possibly not good to pass out in the shed mid-process from heat exhaustion.

So, I didn’t make soap.  And there wasn’t much in the fridge to eat.  Last week I had succumbed to market hype (and Facebook recipes) and bought Chia Seeds and Cacao powder – tempted by a recipe I’d seen for a “delicious dessert” – version 1 was last week and was definitely very edible – made with coconut milk and brown sugar and strawberries.  No cacao powder for that one.

Our little (3 yrs old  ) – but very prolific – mulberry tree gave up its last few mulberries of the season last week

IMG_3040 IMG_3039

So,I finally made a little bit of mulberry jam.


And then created the YUMMIEST mix with the Chia seeds;

3/4 cup of coconut milk plus 1/4 cup of water (mostly because I didn’t have a whole cup left – but this actually improved it from the 100% coconut milk last lot, which was too rich)

4 T chia seeds

3 T mulberry jam (first recipe called for 1 1/2 T sugar and I figured the mulberry jam was 50% sugar – so same as sugar & fruit!)

Cacao powder (have no idea how much I put in!!)

Whisked all together and put in the fridge for a few hours – and BINGO!!

IMG_3048 IMG_3046

Kind of like mulberry choc mousse with a difference!  Those chia seeds are amazing for gelling.  And the combination was delicious!  Too easy!!   E. has given it the lip-smack of approval and suggested I write a recipe book  : )

Meanwhile, out in the shed, and probably totally liquidised after our hot day (now a crazy storm – thunder, lightning and rain, so much cooler) – I have a lovely range of oils and butters now, waiting…

IMG_3018 IMG_3021

And rose petals, marinading…


And new soaps, curing…


Tomorrow, it will be cooler, and I will have another go at Hot Process Soap!

And today, I’ll sign off with this funny little face I found in one of the soaps I was unwrapping last week…




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