Easy heat in the Shed!

The night of the 39.4 degree day was spectacular!  Lightning forked and sheeted, thunder grumbled and growled, and RAIN graced our roof and garden, filling up the water tank and making the garden green!!

And the next day was much cooler – 31 or so and not so humid, perfect for an experiment.

In the Shed, predictably,  my lovely butters were now oils:

Except for the Shea Butter which seems to have a very high melting point!

And I made the Hot Process Soap!   http://thenerdyfarmwife.com/hot-process-oatmeal-honey-soap-crock-pot-method/

The first bit was just like Cold Process, but having reached “trace”, rather than pour into a mould, it gets left in the slow cooker on low for an hour.  This forces the saponification, and reduces the length of time for the resultant soaps to dry and cure.

The mix is fairly hot when it’s done!  Essential oils have a “flashpoint” which can be lower than the finished hot process soap, so caution is required when adding them.  I added ground oats, honey, and Tamanu Oil.  Luckily, no flashing : )

Spooning the glop into the mould was a challenge, and I wondered whether the soap would settle into itself


The top was just awful to look at


I tapped it down as best I could and left the mix to cool and set in the mould – which took until the next day – it held a lot of heat!

The unwrapping was unconvincing, but the sliced up soaps were fine!  And needed only a week or so to dry out a bit (although in theory, they are ready to use almost straight away as all the caustic has reacted whilst the heat was on).

The weather has cooled down again, and so has the pace of life for a while, so I am looking forward to some more hot processing this weekend with my new stock of fancy oils – avocado, tamanu, argan and baobab, and luscious butters – shea, babassu, and cocoa.

Finally, I have been working on packaging to keep the volatile essential oils from losing their scent to the world around them.

Enjoy your days : )







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