Change and cycles

The days have been chaotic.  I feel as if my body is in constant motion, the inside of my head is constantly calculating the most effective way to move around the room, around the house, the yard, the suburb to optimise tasks along the way.  Hopefully it will ease up now – furniture has been shifted, painting done in the house, the dust swept and mopped away, and the pictures, furniture and junk all replaced or chucked out.  Good for clearing, I guess.

The chaos extended into the Shed!   A, H and little A are moving from a 4 hour flight away to a 4 minute drive away.  Some of our shed stash of furniture is now in their new home, and this forced a rethink of the Soap Kitchen.

At the same time,  after I made the soap a Facebook page, sales have been booming so stocks were low, and I had to make an emergency batch of Rose Soap in between (or during) shifting furniture.   My usual bench for the slow cooker has also moved – left to resume it’s job as a baby change table and drawers, and is awaiting the arrival of our next new little family member.

I am liking the Hot Process for it’s much reduced waiting time, and because it is a bit more controlled.  I have found the texture is not so smooth, but that I can use a bit less of the essential oils (reducing production costs and keeping the price of the finished soap reasonable), as all of the heating has been done (cold process heats itself up, but is inconsistent).  I have paid attention to the “flashpoint” of oils, to make sure the entire volatile oil component is not lost by XS heat in the cooked soap.  This means potentially waiting a little while for the mix to cool before adding the essential oils.  What I love about the Hot Process is that I can add a little extra oil AFTER the saponification has mostly happened and thus have a more moisturising soap – still playing with this.  Then it is easier to spoon the glop into the mould – requiring a fair bit of tapping down to remove air bubbles, it really is glop!!  Not like the lovely buttery smooth pour of the cold process soap – hence the less smooth texture of the finished product.  I think I will specialise in ugly soaps – as someone said to me – once you’ve used them once, it’s all the same anyway!!

And then there is the garden to try to keep alive, now that the heat is coming and we have had no rain for a while.  The first tomatoes are ripe.

IMG_3388And a poetry bookstall to sit at.  Our monthly poetry mob was offered a session in the buskers spot at our local Sunday Growers Market!  What a magical morning – 90 minutes of stillness amidst a chaotic weekend.


By the end of the weekend, E had flown off to the other side of the country to visit family, I was a walking zombie, but had at least managed to redistribute or reorganise or repurpose objects in the Shed and house again.  The next incarnation of the Soap Kitchen is set up in the Shed.

Inside the house, we have added a layer of paint,  removed a layer of dust,  and revealed our chairs and couches again.

After all the chaos,  everything remains the same and we start again, with perhaps slightly different terrain.  Such is the nature of things it seems.




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