The Newness and 2016

It’s funny how we humans like the newness of things. Even when one day follows another, the same as every other day – sun up, sun down – those of us living in the world of the Gregorian Calendar (FYI – only been around since Pope Gregory in 1582) get SO excited at the thought of a New Year!

It’s a linear notion, isn’t it?  A start, a journey, and a stop. And then another.

I think I’m more of a cyclical thinker – things to me go in cycles and rythms.  A New Year is just another day.  Imagine getting SO excited about every New Day?

I suppose humans enjoy the markers, like mileposts, along the journey of life, to note and celebrate.  Fair call, something to “hang your hat on”, especially in this New World of Oz, where we cultural transplants don’t have centuries of tradition to define our identity in this place.  We have to take what we can – and then go nuts!!

So much easier being a dog, every day is just an “is”.  Or so I presume.  The Supervisor certainly doesn’t seem to mind whether anything eventful happens in a day as long as he can hang out next to me.  His pleasure is so simply acquired.


Anyway, I am enjoying the break from the day job, which is definitely un-fun at the moment, and the chance to get a few soaps made.  I am still experimenting with the Hot Process – a little bit because the weather here has been so hot that I suspect, even if I tried to make a cold process soap, unless I put in in the fridge to set, it’ll superheat anyway whilst gelling.  At least by doing the hot process, some measure of control can be had.  I am finding it super easy – with the only challenge being the waiting and cooling of the mix after cooking and before molding to find that window where the mix is cool enough to take the essential oils, and not “pop” them and lose their scent.  I have found a table with the flash points of many essential oils, which is my “go-to” table at the moment.

The difference in texture is still interesting.  I made a batch of mint soap a few months ago by cold process, and the resulting soap was a lovely deep gun-metal blue due to the oils and the blue spa mineral clay added, with the smooth cold process texture (which, typically, I cannot find a photo of – so many photos but not the one I am looking for).  So now – same ingredients, different process – the soap looked quite different (although the scent was the same) – rougher, and less blue in colour…



I will see how it goes in a day or so.

The hot weather is good for infusing herbs in oils at least.  I have rose petals in oil, mint leaves in oil and lavender flowers in oil – all lining up to become soap.  All beautiful flowers and leaves which started out fresh and new, and as they faded and dried, are perfect for infusing for their next incarnation as soap.  Transmutation and alchemy at its finest!

I wonder where the old Year goes, after the New one moves in?

Happy days in 2016. May good health, the winds of good fortune, cooperative peace and thriving communities gently pervade our world.



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