Long time coming

  1. a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity.

I think the gap between posts qualifies!

Our new baby is now 2 months old,  houseguests entertained us for a while (festival people, including an incredibly handy Dutch tent-maker, who has fixed up all the little things in our house that needed fixing!!), I have visited friends and family on the East Coast, not much soap has been made, and – true to my personal form – I have drifted.

I am contemplating an experiment.  All my life, I have been averse to goals.  Seemingly hand-in-hand with this, or because of my Gemini sun, I have many half-baked projects.  Every so often, I see one through – the soap has been a great success.  I have consistently made soap for a whole year now!!  Probably because each soap takes a relatively short time to make, and each batch can be different.  This is good for me.

Other projects that I have been working on have met with less success.  If making soap rates 8/10 for “Desire v’s Action” – the others rate roughly as follows :

  1. Writing – this blog for example, amongst other half done projects (4/10) – I attended an evening course in Script Writing for 6 weeks!
  2. Organising family photos (1/10)
  3. Organising all photos (0/10) – I take lots of photos!
  4. Putting the meditation theory into practice (1/10) – have enrolled in an online course!
  5. Finishing a crocheted rug started about 23 years ago (0/10)
  6. Working on the garden (6/10) – this one is improving.
  7. Studying aromatherapy (2/10) – I bought a book!
  8. Clearing out the shed (0/10)
  9. Making better use of the time I am not at work, including reading books (1/10)
  10. Walking the dog (5/10)

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So – I am contemplating an experiment where I try setting goals and making myself stick to them.  Or maybe one.  Maybe one a month?  I really don’t like the goal thing.  It always feels so limiting.  Like – there’s a thousand other things to do, so why stick to a goal?

Except that the thousand other things never quite get done. (See above).

But it’s late now, so tomorrow I will make a plan.   In the meantime, here is one of the days when I did get to walk the dog – and what a joy it was!!  What is it about humans that creates such massive inertia between desire and action?  Given the choice, why wouldn’t I be on that beach?  I will explore the hiatus – I challenge you to do the same.  Let’s all “value add” to our own lives while and however we can!!



2 thoughts on “Long time coming

  1. Thankyou smilecalm, I have the support of loved ones in abundance – my great good fortune!
    Not doing so well on the goals – yesterday passed and my goal to make a goal was not reached. Maybe today…


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