Keeping afloat

It’s been quiet in the Shed.

The Day Job has been taking up all my energy – and not in a good way.

Ideally, I would have been dealing with it by beavering away making soap, inhaling those soothing oils and aromatherapising myself, but the energy just wasn’t there.

This lovely “Little Posy” has brightened up the kitchen since Mothers Day, especially in the morning sunlight.

The rose and cucumber / mint soaps made a few weeks back:

And my latest thing to play with is “colloidal oatmeal”.  If you have sensitive skin, this is super-soothing stuff, so really happy to have a bag in the Shed now.  And it is so smooth, it takes away the “porridge” effect of adding ground oatmeal to the soap.

In an attempt to get my mojo back,  I visited the Garden Centre on my way home today.  The therapeutic effect of gardening has made me feel much better – and I am finally putting some of the oil tins from the soap to good use!

I am hoping my next post will be a successful attempt at liquid soap.  Apparently, the potassium hydroxide used (instead of sodium hydroxide or lye) is a bit more explosive and pops and crackles a little.  Exciting times ahead – KOH is on order, watch this space…

Happy days to you,

Sarah 😊


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