Launching out

I thought making a cream would be super hard – require complicated ingredients and some time and trickery.  I was wrong!!

Inspired by recipes in the “101 Easy Homemade Products” book (mentioned a couple of posts ago), I have been following themes.

The first theme led me from “Thyme and Witch-hazel Clear Skin Facial bar” (soap) to “Dandelion Thyme Vinegar Toner and Tonic” and then to “Sunflower (was Grapeseed) and Thyme Lotion” to create a complete clear skin package.


Some of our straggly garden thyme was infused in sunflower oil for the lotion.   Sunflower oil is a “non-comedogenic” oil – which basically means it doesn’t block pores and cause pimples.

I then put off making the “lotion” for weeks, because I thought it would be complicated – so the thyme-infused oil was well infused!!

Making new things means lots of new, exciting things to buy – well, if you’re like me and get excited by things like “emulsifying wax” and pump containers…


In the end, the lotion was the easiest thing ever to make!!  Warm up the oil and wax, and the water and witch-hazel, and stir them together!! Ta-dah… cream!!  So rewarding – and I’m instantly hooked!

My next cream will be incorporating the colloidal oats, because a commercial cream with colloidal oats that I bought has made all the difference with my hands and skin healing.

The “Toner” is made from infusing herbs in vinegar, so it’s a bit ‘on the nose’ vinegar-wise, although I  imagine it’ll be a good bacteria controller for dodgy skin.  And I got to use one of my new pump bottles.


Really the pump bottles are waiting for the upcoming liquid soap.  I now have ingredients, and recipe – but need to find time.  Apparently the liquid soap needs to be cooked for hours!

Today’s thread from my new favourite book is laundry soap.  I have made a batch of “Coconut Laundry Soap and Stain Stick” – made from 100% coconut oil. Despite all the guff about coconut oil on various social media sites, there is no way I let any get on my skin – it’s SO drying because it’s so good at cleaning!   Once in the mould, the soap becomes solid very quickly, despite using the “cold process”.  After only 2 hours, I have turned it out of the mould and cut into bars, now curing for the next 2 weeks.  Then I plan to use this soap to make “Liquid Lavender Laundry Detergent”.   Super excited to be making our own laundry liquid!!

Unfortunately, now, a halt has been called to the Shed Soap-making.   Because it is, after all, a shed(!) the sink does not have all mod cons – like a built in strainer thing.

So, umm – after doing the laundry soap “dishes”, when I took the plug out, I didn’t get the strainer in quick enough, and the sink swallowed an entire yellow fluffy dish cloth!!  Proceedings have been called to a halt while we investigate the whereabouts of the dishcloth.


Happy days to you!

Sarah : )



2 thoughts on “Launching out

  1. Just when I have been looking for a new face cream! May I try some? Also, we have heaps of thyme, marjoram and oregano if you need any. I’d be interested in trying your laundry soaps too! Good luck finding the dishcloth!


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