Liquid gold, and winds of fortune

It’s been a crazy few weeks!  I did make the liquid soap, but that has kind of faded into the distance.  Briefly, it went like this…

The potassium hydroxide (used instead of sodium hydroxide to make liquid soap) was supposed to be exciting – to pop and crackle when I added it to the water – but it didn’t even fizzle!  The stick blender nearly burned itself out trying to get the mix to “trace”, and still the trace was not convincing – the mixture separated out as I cooked it!

Googling frantically, I decided to have a remix with the stick blender after things separated out during cooking and voila! – instant emulsion!

Hours of cooking later, the mix approximated the glop that it should be, and into the pot it went to wait.  Apparently translucent gold is the holy grail of liquid soap concentrate.

The next step is to take just a smallish amount of this, dilute and cook some more until the mix is a homogenous liquid soap – this took hours more, and loads of encouragement!!  And then the recipes I found said to add glycerine for moisturising, and citric acid to neutralise pH.  I’m not sure if this was a good plan or not – the soap went quite cloudy and thick.  Finally – some lemon tea tree essential oil, which is the freshest lemon scent ever!

I used the foam-making plunger bottle, and the soap is lovely and moisturising, and does work as a soap – not very bubbly though – all the bubbles seemed to be created when I mixed the additives in, and then disappear!

I still have about a kilo of the glop concentrate left – which will makes bottles and bottles of liquid soap – but I’m waiting for the definitive book on making liquid soap to arrive in the mail – which takes weeks – because this experiment definitely needs fine tuning!

The laundry detergent turned out to be a powder – grated coconut oil soap, finely ground dried lavender powder, and a little lavender essential oil, washing soda and borax mixed up in a food processor.  Only a small scoop of this is required for a load in the machine, followed up with a lavender vinegar in the fabric softener thingie.  It’s working well so far – the clothes are clean and haven’t disintegrated.

But all that was weeks ago – in the meantime, we have visited family miles away, and found a new cafe to enjoy

We arrived at the airport in good time for the flight home but had trouble with finding our booking to check in…  Why?  We were a day late for the flight – OUCH!!  The good thing is – there was seats on the flight I had thought we were on.  The not so good thing – buying new seats at the airport is not good for the wallet…


But we are back home – I’m looking at big changes and saying goodbye to the day job shortly.

In the meantime, this Sunday my daughter and I are testing the water with a soap stall at the Blinco Street cafe (scroll thru the post below to find the Sunday Flea Market) – maybe see you there?

Until next time, be happy,

Sarah : )



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