Smelling Roses, loving Lavender & blissful blue sky!

I’ve always been a smeller of roses!  But last week my day job (of ~ 18 years) and I parted company, so I’ve had a lot more time to do it lately.

Hello world!  Hello sky, garden, shed, soap – and hello grandkids.

How can you resist a 2 year old, who – having found his little felt purse with the ladybug on it rattling with 5c pieces – jumps in his plastic car and drives to the brick garden wall, then sticks his head into a jade plant and has a conversation with it?  He negotiates with the jade plant the purchase of some broccoli and broccolini, which he loads into the boot of his plastic car, and then drives back to me, hands me two fallen leaves and very seriously announces that he has bought me some broccoli and broccolini to cook for Nonno’s tea!

It’s been a good week.  We had the first Sasoki Soaps stall – and despite the small number of people who came to the “Flea market” that day (and the fact that I didn’t have much stock), trade was steady!  It’s nice to send the soaps out into the world – and with so much good feedback about them, I know they will be lifting spirits where-ever they go!


A massive bunch of flowers from my daughter and family is singing in the kitchen, reminding me of my great good fortune to simply “be”, along with a card quoting Dr Seuss “Oh, the places you’ll go…”


It’s hard to shake the feeling of always having to rush out the door.  About 3 times every hour, I have to say to myself – “Today, you have all the time in the world!”

This freedom will not last – I will have to find some work (or make lots of soap), but while it does – I am greeting every glorious second with relish!  I have received a load of lavender to use in soaps and also in my home-made laundry powder and “fabric conditioner” (this is just lavender slightly dried and soaked in vinegar) – the vinegar turns a slightly pink colour after 2 weeks, and is SO much better than those vile smelling commercial products full of toxic “VOCs”.


And I am trying to get some vegies going in the garden again.  I bought a fat bunch of English spinach last week, with fine alive looking roots.  Having busted the tops off to cook, I almost put the roots in the compost – and then thought – they could just keep on growing!  So I sat them in a cup of water ’til I had time to plant them (today).  And now I have stuck them in the old olive oil tins from the soap – hopefully like a mini raised bed so the bugs don’t eat the spinach!!  Fingers are now crossed…

And that’s it for now – it’s winter and the air is cold, but the sky is blue and the days are divine!  Cold nights mean early to bed to keep warm, and lots of sleep.

Life is good, enjoying moments and the small things – can’t work out how I ever had time for the day job!

Sarah : )


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