Stinky soap and supervising the Supervisor

My friend MJ said to me years ago that “life can turn on a sixpence”, and since then, I feel like I’ve twirled on a stack of sixpences!

Challenging  winds have blown these past few weeks – seemingly after I made a batch of particularly stinky soap.

Sometimes I like to experiment with an “end of the line” fragrance that is being sold off cheaply, and this was what happened with a recent soap supplies purchase.  The fragrance oil description was exotic and spicy! I quite like a spicy soap, so thought I’d take a punt.

As soon as I popped the top of this particular bottle, I had a feeling this was a bad idea.  Always keen to give something a chance, I thought I would make one batch of soap using the fragrance to see if it settled in the “open air”.  My head ached as I made the soap, and the smell just does not weaken.  It smells like really awful and intense aftershave, or bad incense, and it gets inside your head.  It has been banished to the far corner of the Shed and today – outside – so I can avoid its vile aroma.  The remainder of the bottle of oil was put out with the trash.  I know why they are discontinuing that particular fragrance!


The sixpence turn, was on the morning of the 13th, when Pete, the Supervisor, just couldn’t get up one morning.  He looked at me funny, and just didn’t seem to know anything.  He staggered down the stairs, his back legs giving way more than normal, and started frothing at the mouth – he didn’t even know what his water bowl was for.

He spent one day at his usual Vet, then off to the Specialists, where an MRI showed he’d had a stroke and had fluid in his brain.  Every day he looked worse – tubes, wires, and bombed out on sedatives. Last Sunday he picked up a little – remembered how to drink water and eat some yoghurt, and I thought all was looking good! On Monday he was bombed out again, and I moved him to a Vet hospital closer to home.  By Wednesday morning, I went to visit with a very heavy load on my shoulders – sure I would have to make the call on his life.  But – he had improved, and yesterday (Thursday), he came home!!  He is still very wonky, doesn’t remember much about how things work, but he is plodding around doing his best, and its only the tenth day now, so my fingers are crossed.  He has had an army of angels sending him love and healing wishes from afar, and something has pulled him through this far.  He also had a couple of big seizures, and its entirely possible that he has a brain tumour underlying all of this, but he is not suffering and is happy enough at home, so on we go – day by day.  As I am writing, he has found his lump of wood (which we have moved with us from house to house, and he has kept for 10 years!) and is lying outside in his wrecked bed, just as he likes to, sleeping in the winter sun.

Amazing how life slots things in.  If this had happened a month ago, I still would have had the day job to manage, but as it is – I have all day to care for him at the moment.

I am expanding my wares beyond soap now – having all this time at home – have made a mountain of marmalade, and one and a half knitted toys. The one knitted rabbit has already been purloined by my little grandson, who helped add the rabbits eyes, then hugged it home and called it Georgia (or George, depending on the day)!  If only I could find the right colour wool, I will finish the knitted Bear.  Maybe in time for the next flea market stall @Blinco St Cafe  – last Sunday of the month.

The afternoon chill is moving in, and I will have to take my sleeping beauty Supervisor inside I think – although it’s a shame to wake him!

Until next time (and hoping for no more sixpences for a while),





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