Blogtober starting with Day 2

Having re-posted Vicki’s (The Soap Mine) post for the first day of October, I thought I should make a bit of an effort for Day 2 before it’s gone!

The sun is already sending long shadows and the chill has moved in.  Chill!!!   October – second month of Spring.  Australia.  Chill!!!   What is that???  Coldest spring on record…

Enough about the weather.  Except for that the garden has cottoned on that things should be happening at this time of year and started throwing up flowers everywhere.  To be honest, lots of them are weeds, or things like rocket and broccolini that we have let go to seed, but some are spectacular.  Like this Dutch Iris given to us as a bulb by Dutch visitors who stayed last summer.  Inspirational gift, yeah?   A packet of bulbs for the garden – and months later, we have stunning flowers everywhere and are thinking of our visitors.  There are a LOT of bulbs in a packet…

I think the trick of daily Blogtobering will be to not peak too early – so that’ll do for today!

Tomorrow, I think it’ll be nasturtium seeds – you may have noticed that the rest of our garden is chockers* with nasturtiums.

See ya then!!


*for non-Aussies – “chockers” = “choc-a-block” or “full”


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