Blogging Oct 3

I’m saving nasturtiums for another day.

I’m rubbish at doing what I say I’m going to do – attention span of a gnat – ooh look, shiney object!!

But – let’s see how long “Blogtober” sticks.

After weeks of faffing around, I have got my 2000 word essay and associated “art instalment” as near as dammit to submitting (this will happen tonight).  Uni is proving a bit more of a challenge than expected.  Great way to have the stuffing knocked out of you when you give it your all and cop a mediocre mark.   What was I thinking?

Ah well, strange to think – but if I keep this up for all of October, by the time it’s done, so also will my Uni semester be done.  Slightly daunting thought, given the assignment load in the meantime!!

That’s it for today – but check out my procrastination creations instead of doing assignments…


See ya tomorrow : )




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