Bl-Oct 4. Nasturtiums

I am getting in early today – it’s a big day at Uni.  Four and a half hour class of “Art Installation” assessment, and 38 of us in the class.

OMG!  Talk about “I never signed up for that!”  (as an aside, I just tried to google that quote and variations of it to see who first said it – a lot of rabbit holes, but no joy.  Anyone got any clues?)

Anyway – nasturtiums.  They take over our place like aliens in winter, but they are so pretty, I just can’t rip them all out.  And the bees LOVE them, and we love bees!

Having loads of flowers means quite a few seeds are now happening, although I discovered that harvesting them is quite time intensive (another procrastination technique – right up there with turning the compost for importance)!


And I LOVE that you can google anything – such as easy recipes for pickling nasturtium seeds, which are supposed to be like capers in the end.  Not allowing the fact that I dislike both capers, and probably pickled nasturtium seeds, to put me off, I thought I’d invest the small amount of time and effort to try.


They are now sitting in the cupboard for the required 3 weeks, then will be unleashed onto pickle-loving family members.  And I will crawl through the undergrowth, hunting and gathering some more…

Once the “Art Installation” is over, that is…

Happy days to you,

Sarah : )


2 thoughts on “Bl-Oct 4. Nasturtiums

  1. I love nasturtiums, but never knew the seed pods could be used in this way. My garden is a wasteland at the moment. It wasn’t looked after at all by the previous owner but I’m hoping to bring it back to glory over the next six months in readiness for next Summer.

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  2. They were super easy to pickle – just soak in salt water for two days, then rinse and place in sterilised jars with spiced vinegar and wait 3 weeks. Should be done before end Oct, so will see how successful they are 😳

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