36 minutes

… left in this day, and I might just get a few words on this slate.

I think there’s somethingĀ wrong with the mulberries this year šŸ˜ž.

They are late. And hairy. And shrivelled.

By thisĀ time last year I was pickingĀ bowlfuls of them, but this year, not one – but I’ve heard of other trees in the Valley dripping with fat fruit already.

We had loads of rain, so although they look dry, they can’t possibly be. Ā There are a lot of snails on the tree – possibly because for a while after a friend lent me the book “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating” I struggled with snail control – got a little too ‘snail empathic’, but those days are gone.

I think a visit to the Wise Ones at the local Garden Centre might be in order tomorrow!

There was a super cute little nest clinging to a branch though…


And now there’s only 11 minutes left of this day (night).

Buona notte (we just saw an Italian Film Festival film)

A domani,



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