Oops, slipping up in Blogtober

It was never going to happen.  Let’s face it – EVERY day in October?  I would bore myself!

But yesterday’s “no post” was not intentional.  It started with Kambarang, and bees in the Shed.

The traditional custodians of the land where I was born and still live have different names for our Seasons than those transposed by Northern Hemisphere migrants.  Previously, I have written of our missing “Spring”.  And then I checked the “Noongar calendar”…

@ noongarculture.org.au



October.  Kambarang.  Flowers – both wild and cultivated in our yard.  Everywhere – right on time!

And with flowers – bees!   Up the back corner near the washing line, where the Grevilleas are flowered up to the max, pegging out the washing these days is accompanied by loud humming (not mine).

So – yesterday, the sun was shining, the day was warm.  I set up my table in the Shed to tackle those Uni assignments, opened the windows to soak up warmth of the day, and in flew bees.  I had to help them find their way out again.  And again.  And again.

When I packed up,a lone bee was lingering.  I left a window open as an escape hatch for him.  As I unpegged the washing off the line, I saw the bee leave the Shed.

I seized the moment to shut the Shed window.  Unfortunately, my plan of leaving obstacles in that garden patch to stop Pete the Supervisor from trampling the growing herbs,  backfired.  Admitted – it’s a bit of a mess…


I have no idea exactly how, but…  end result… me planted on hands and knees in the dirt – we sat for 7 hours in the local hospital Emergency Department (until 3.45am!!) to be told I have broken my toe, and luckily have no breaks in my bruised shins and hand!   I have this funky shoe to wear for the next 6 weeks!  Or not…


Well, that’s my excuse for yesterday, and my post for today.

I’m thinking sourdough for tomorrow but we’ll see how the wind blows…

Happy days to you, and love your bees : )




4 thoughts on “Oops, slipping up in Blogtober

  1. Yeah – felt so stupid – got all the “falls risk” questions – did I black out (no), any chest pain (no), dizziness (no)…etc.
    Just cluttered garden and haste!! But very glad no busted wrist or knees!!
    Have nice technicoloured toe though!!


  2. Oh noooo! Poor you 😩 I slipped backwards onto rock in the garden recently and honestly thought I’d broken my backside. I was in agony and the resulting bruise was really something to behold. Not that I recommend beholding that part of my anatomy. (Eye bleach anyone?? ) Genuinely couldn’t sit down for three days… Ho hum 😂😂😂. Hope your toe mends really quickly!!


  3. Maybe you did break your coccyx?? Ouch!! 😳
    At least my toe gives me an excuse to lounge around with my foot up – one of my specialties anyway 😂
    I’m hobbling round in slow motion in that stupid shoe – have realised how fast I usually walk!! And all the grumbling I usually do at people who walk slow…
    Life loves rubbing your nose in things doesn’t it???
    Clearly my blogging efforts have seriously slipped away too 🐌


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