Sunshine & Procrastination

Avoidant.  I think that’s what I’m being – of the assignments queuing up on my desk, and of the blogging in October.

But look at the sky!!

img_0333And my sourdough starter that was just rye flour and water a week ago is bubbling nicely and needs to be tested today…

I excavated my old favourite Bread Book, and have mixed up a dough that is sitting until tomorrow…

…and bottled up the next batch of nasturtium seeds…


…and been entertained by the Supervisor and the Grandkids…


…but now, before the sun goes down, I MUST start those assignments!

Oh, wait, I have to go to the shop and buy something to cook for dinner.  And then cook…

Study!  What was I thinking?

French Bread tomorrow …

Happy days to you,

Sarah & Pete (the Snoring Supervisor)

: )



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