Crumbs and Crunch Time!

It’s 07:49.  I have until 17:00 to complete a 2500 word essay.  Because of this, my week has been SO productive!!

I have made “Rose, Patchouli and Jasmine” soap, and a batch of “Nag Champa” flavoured soap for all the old hippies that, like me, allowed their senses to wander to such a tune for a while.

I have consumed coffee in ever increasing quantities, read a small mountain of books, almost disappeared under a tailings pile of journal articles.

I have made 9 little loaves of sourdough bread (and eaten about 2 of them – sent the rest off to family to save my waistline)…

And now I am writing words in the wrong place.

So this is it – it’s now 08:24, I have 500 words and a LOT of editing to do in the next few hours.  The Sourdough Starter has been banished to the fridge in the Shed to slow it down, the Sun has disappeared behind rain clouds for the day, the Supervisor is settling in for his morning nap at my feet, and I will see you on the light side!!

Wish me luck!!  …and if anyone knows how to get my Mac to format references with a “first line overhang”, as apparently per APA writing style, please let me know – and save me a lot of Google time!!

Sarah : )


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