Soaping the Salad Bowl & #savebeeliarwetlands

Well Hello!!

I dreamt the other night that I was setting up at a soap stall and I had no soap.  As it turned out, the dream was a message…

I have a soap stall upcoming and I have given away a fair amount of soap over the Christmas Season – the dream prompted me to check my box – only Patchouli and Cafe Latte soaps left!!  Oops!

In the shed, I have some fresh soap waiting to be wrapped – my favourite – Lemon tea-tree & Chamomile with Beeswax soap which smells like sunshine and soothes your skin,  the always popular – Lavender with Colloidal Oatmeal, and heavenly Rose Soap – made with my neighbour’s richly scented red rose petals.  The neighbours give me “the nod” across the driveway before pruning is due, and I collect the petals in return for some rose soap popped in their letterbox a week or two later.  You can’t beat good neighbours : )

I love it that all of these soaps have fresh local herbs in their making – somehow having the neighbour’s roses, a friend’s lavender, bergamot from the community garden, even the coffee grounds from our machine – all makes the soap feel connected to us.

Today I found some Cucumber & Mint in my fridge – they are now soap.  The  “Hot Process” on a hot day  was interesting.  After 15 minutes cooking in the crock pot, the soap was ready!  The cook can take up to 45 minutes in winter.  I got caught out with the Bergamot & Lemongrass first batch I made today – the timer was on for 20 minutes and there was one of the famous “soap volcanoes” happening by the time I checked the pot!  The second batch I caught at 15 minutes, just before it went over!


The good thing about soap boiling over is – it’s soap!!  Easy to clean – just add water : )  My bench is now very clean.

I have been seeing amazing colourful, swirled and patterned soap on various facebook and instagram pages recently – they look stunning, and I am almost slightly envious.  But then I think – it’s soap  – and it’s properties matter more to me than aesthetics.  My  soaps could quote Leonard Cohen “We’re ugly but we’ve got the music“.

So, I will have a few soaps for the Mercatino next weekend!

And it’s now stonefruit season – which means more jam!!  I tried some new combinations – I added a few strawberries to a few kg of peaches making a wonderful sunset coloured jam, and I added one mango to a few kg of nectarines – these flavours merged delightfully!


Far more important than my soap supplies and jam, however, is what is happening in our local area.  A year ago, I posted this:  about some of the last remaining Wetlands left close to our city.

Over the past couple of weeks our government has sent in bulldozers. And police.  On horses.  Thousands of us have objected in whatever way was possible for us.  Our state government is into its last 2 months before an election, and they have authorised rampant and horrific destruction in the precious Wetlands.  For a road that goes nowhere, does not have a completion plan.  The government will not make public any information about the business case, despite having apparently signed contracts.

Wildlife (including quendas, bandicoots, tawny frogmouth owls, red-tailed black cockatoos) have run, scrambled and flown for their lives – often leaving their young behind to die.  You can imagine the grief – both human and animal.  Massive old tress have fallen.  And the air is thick with asbestos dust from asbestos illegally dumped years before.

Our city is apparently the most isolated capital city in the world.  An unfortunate result of this is that we are at the mercy of megalomaniac politicians, monopolised media, big egos in a little fishbowl.  The culture of bullying in high places contributed to me leaving my job mid-year.

Think of this as a message in a bottle – I want the rest of the world to see what is happening here – check out #savebeeliarwetlands  or #rethinkthelink or #noroe8

Please send your good wishes or prayers to the brave Wetland Defenders down here.

Finally a photo from a place that is not endangered – taken on my last day of Uni for the year.     PS – I passed all those assignments -procrastination / pressure worked.

Peace and happy days to you all – find strength in your community xx                                            (possibly despite our various “leaders” – has the whole world gone mad??)




6 thoughts on “Soaping the Salad Bowl & #savebeeliarwetlands

  1. Loving the jam (I’m just waiting for a delivery of Seville oranges so that I can make some marmalade) and soap (always forget that you need so little time for the cure with HP), and huge congratulations on your Uni success 👍🏻
    But ohhh such sad news sandwiched amongst all that loveliness. We’re very lucky to live within a national park and although it’s sometimes frustrating trying to get planning permission to do ANYTHING, it does mean that the kind of destruction you’re witnessing just couldn’t happen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Vicki. Over here – the government don’t seem to care if the land has been set aside for a nature reserve – they have ignored their own environmental guidelines and simply bow to the $$$ – very short sighted vision unfortunately – tied to election cycles : (
    Despite a recent huge “mining boom”, our states coffers are low and the government is doing anything to sell off our assets – mostly to China. This road is about selling our port! Cowboy culture sadly.


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