Un-social Media Trolls and Online Angels

There is very much a cold war happening on our home front.  A combination of the “road to nowhere” and a looming state election – the results of which will determine the future of the road, as well as many aspects of our relatively sheltered lives in this evolving capitalist world.

Watching from the sidelines of social media, I am struggling with the nastiness of personal attacks made from invisible vantage points behind a keyboard, by otherwise apparently “normal” people.  Would these commenters actually walk up to someone they don’t know anything about and say such things to their face?  And if not – what gives them license to do so from a keyboard?   For a while it was making me question the very basics of human nature – are we all programmed “nasty” underneath, if you dig deep enough?

It was enough to make me not want to play any more.  So I focussed on soap.  The soaping community online is a very generous place to be.  It is international, supportive, non-judgemental, and caring.  A camaraderie of soapers.  From old hands with all the tricks of the trade up their sleeves, to those contemplating their first batch of “melt and pour”.  No question posed is too silly, no lump of soap is too ugly, and no process is too fancy to share.  No-one would dare to write a rude comment, and any that may sound even slightly judgemental are apologised for quick smart!

How refreshing!   Enough to make me venture back into the local “chats” – where I found someone buying a bulk load of shea butter who needed others to share the load – easy, I’m in – I use that in the soap all the time!!  The shea butter was different to my usual though:


I posted this pic on Instagram (@eatgoodfood) and it lead me down a wormhole that ended at “African Black Soap” – which sounds amazing!! http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Black-Soap.  For about 5 minutes, I contemplated trying to make it, but decided better to support the communities who live by making it, so I have ordered some online from Ghana to try.  Very excited!  Will keep you posted : )

BTW – thanks to Vicki at https://thesoapmine.wordpress.com/ it seems my clear shea butter is either refined or filtered, and the brown one is raw.  That online soaping community comes to the party again : )

More super generous soapers sharing recipes, and sharing their expertise are Amanda & Benjamin Aaron at http://www.lovinsoap.com/ who have released a new e-book with stunning soap recipes and scent blends.  I will be heading into the Shed to experiment over the next week or two.

To go with my shampoo soap, I have now made some conditioner (another free recipe  from http://www.aussiesoapsupplies.com.au/).   I am looking forward to testing this tonight – it contains oat extract, and argan oil, and scents of lemon myrtle and bergamot.  And then, because I could, I made some basil and lime lip balm!  Clearly test models for the nearest and dearest (no labels).  This little climbing monkey granddaughter would love to be soaping I am sure – she loves testing out the taps!

Today, my local online community has enabled me to swap some soap for figs. How good do these look?  I have been dreaming of fig jam – the pot will be bubbling soon : )


So after an early  flat spot when the trolls got me down, I have felt the strength of goodness that’s all around when you look in the right place.  One thing about having so much negativity on various screens is that it forces you to be selective and not just eat what you’re fed.  As with all things – “eat good food” – whether it is edible food or soul food.

The weekend weather was almost tropical – humid and daytime temps of around 36 (C) – which is about 98(F).  And lovely warm evenings – it’s that time of year!

This is my grandson and his friend on an evening full of music and families down by the river last weekend.  We live in a beautiful place.  Happy thoughts and peace to y’all.






4 thoughts on “Un-social Media Trolls and Online Angels

  1. You are so creative Sarah, and I can see that being creative keeps us floating (as well as supporting each other.) Found a lovely face moisturiser here, that reminds me so much of yours … I’m bringing the tube home so that you can examine the contents. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. smiling to your simple method of cleaning
    up the problems of being trolled
    with negativity, Sarah!
    helpful to re-think exposing
    ourselves to unhealthy words
    and focus on the ones
    which give hope for a viable future,
    best we can.
    wishing you a happy moment, david 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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