I think I can, I think I can…

Today was a blur. Out of the house before 8am for the bus, plan to get out of work early but got nabbed just as I was about to leave – one hour later and it’s after 6.20pm when I got home.

I did get out to the Shed and sliced up yesterday’s frangipani / jasmine CP.  It has some outer-space looking pastel colours persisting through it.  But no photo today, and no more playing with the soap tonight, because…

Out again to our monthly poetry thing (for which I am the “Door Bitch”) – new venue for us at the Rose Hotel, and it worked well tonight.


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 7.13.22 pm.png

Our friend Julie read her prizewinning poem – “For Julian who will never know we loved him“,  which you can read from a link here:


I was the lucky recipient of a bag of dried rose petals from Veronica, who has the most luscious roses.  They will be soap soon.

And I am about to fall asleep.

Tomorrow is the last day of Blogtober.  If my work day doesn’t blow out like today’s did, I intend to take a pic of all my odd Floptober soaps lined up.  And then… rest.

Til tomorrow,  #blogtobersoapers2017

Sarah x





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