Rustic Rogues and Happy Halloween!

Blogtober Day 31:

On sunset today, as I walked round the corner from the bus stop, clusters of small other-worldly creatures clutching buckets, closely shadowed by hovering parental creatures, wandered our streets.  All day at work, people have had blood dripping from their faces onto dark and ragged clothing.  It seems we have embraced Halloween!

I love the descriptions at the website (below) of the origins of this Celtic / Pagan festival, “Samhain”, celebrating the end of autumn and subsequent descent into winter darkness and honouring the spirits of the dead.

This finally made sense of the little creatures wandering round my neighbourhood, rather than thinking of them simply developing an unhealthy habit of begging for sweets!

In Oz, the end of October is the end of “winter” and beginning of “summer” – if we transplant a Northern hemisphere seasonal calendar.  But here in Nyoongar country we are in the season of Kambarang, which is in the middle of the “Season of Birth”.

It’s a funny transposition, but sadly typical!   And, of course, both cultures based their calendars on observation and honouring of the natural world.  How disconnected we are now.

My personal significance is that today is the FINAL day of Blogtober.  I am a bit amazed that I made it all the way through!!

Here, as promised yesterday, is the “Rustic Rogue’s Gallery” of my Blogtober, christened jointly by Jo (? site), and by Lisa of

Frog in a Blender, Pink Pale Ale Remake (sans salami texture), Pumpkin Poo, AntiFungal Crumble, Van Gogh Frangipani, and Neapolitan Smurf (front).


IMG_0755  Frog in a Blender is refreshing – lemongrass / mint / hint of eucalyptus, made with cucumber puree.  OK in the end.

IMG_0751 Neapolitan Smurf is a gentle soap – lavender and bergamot / orange, with dots of colour through as I didn’t filter the coloured oils.

IMG_0753 Antifungal Crumble (made with apple cider vinegar 100% instead of water) – patchouli, cloves, teatree mix, with dots of cinnamon powder.  Despite it’s crumbly texture, it’s very gentle on the skin.  I like it!

IMG_0754 Pumpkin Poo (lathered up here, so that Vicki from  can see how it lathers) sadly lost it’s scent, and may indeed be a bit of a dud – and will be probably relegated to a lonely handbasin somewhere.

IMG_0752 Van Gogh Frangipani / Jasmine is still ripening – the colour may further change with pH, but it does have some sort of a swirl and the scent has persisted – this may be as good as it gets for me!!

Finally, we went into town again tonight, to a talk at the Town Hall, and I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of pics from this very special place where we live!IMG_5200.JPG


And that, I think, is me done for Blogtober!! 

Thank-you SO much to everyone who has come along for the ride, and kept me company along the way –  your support, sideline cheering and just “being there” has kept me going.  This is something I quite likely may never attempt again!

See you again – once I get some sleep!!!  #blogtobersoapers2017

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “Rustic Rogues and Happy Halloween!

  1. Congratulations – you did it !! And I have so enjoyed reading about your soapy (and other) adventures this month. A huge thank you for all the time and effort you put into these posts.
    What a great collection of soaps. I’m not sure I’m seeing any rogues – they all look perfectly respectable to me !! I’m intrigued by the apple cider vinegar and may have to get experimenting…..
    Enjoy a well-earned rest from studies and blogging and I look forward to catching up with more Shed news as and when….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations! You really stuck it through and shared some really great content. I have enjoyed reading your posts and learning a little bit about the lovely area you live in and about your soap making process. Wish you a restful “rest of the year”.

    Liked by 1 person

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