Stalling, and Experiments

It’s been a while!

It’s the pointy end of the work year, so my “other” life has taken over, but I am taking a few minutes to check in here.

A couple of weekends ago, the little local community garden had one of its weekend Markets again – for a while they were monthly, but lapsed over the winter.  I was invited to have a Soap stall, so the Blogtober soaps went to good use – as well as some others made during a frenzy of soaping in the weeks before the stall.

Unfortunately I was so relaxed I forgot to take any photos – except for one – my little granddaughter exploring the garden and the pile of limestone rocks!


I have changed my soap wrappers to cellophane bags, and had so many “I thought they were edible” comments that it was worth the change!  Clearly, visual impact contributes to interest.

Confirming this – my experimental coloured soaps sold the most. Even “Pumpkin Poo” – rebranded as “Spicy Pumpkin” – sold!  (…as an aside, we are using this one at home at the moment and it has retained a gentle orange spice scent and is lovely to use – the spices add a slight exfoliant effect…)

Another experimental soap which proved popular was the “Luxurious Rock Rose Resin”.  I wish I could attach aroma to this post, because this one was something special!  Some time ago I had seen a recipe calling for Labdanum, and had purchased a pot of this sticky black resin (extracted from Rock Rose)…


…and then promptly forgot what the recipe was, got distracted, and months went by.

Whilst digging in my stored Rose Soap recipes, in order to use some of my dried rose petals, I found one I had kept from a few years ago:

… containing Labdanum!!

After contemplating the cost of making this soap (26% avocado oil!) – of course I modified it – using rose-petal infused olive oil, coconut oil, only 10% babassu butter, sunflower oil, meadowfoam oil, and a small amount of castor oil, walnut oil and rosehip.  I used rose petal tea for the water, some madder root and rose clay for colour.  The EO mix included lavender, palmarosa, rose geranium and the labdanum resin – and WOW!!


It might not look flash here (HP’d of course), but the scent hits somewhere deep inside you and is AMAZING!!  I love watching people’s faces when they sniff this one.

My next experiment was a moisturising lotion.  This has been on my radar for a while, but when I actually ran out of moisturiser I had to get mixing!  Lisa from Aquarian Soaps has been posting some stunning pics of her Christmas creations and also kindly some recipes.  I thought I could start with this one:

And – as always – make a few changes according to what is in The Shed, and then what I ran out of halfway through making the lotion because I hadn’t checked the fine details!

My final Super-Dooper Moisturiser recipe was –

Water phase:  Distilled water, glycerin, sodium lactate and allantoin

Oil phase: Babassu butter, Shea butter, Hemp oil, Rice bran oil, Sweet almond oil, Watermelon seed oil, Cetyl alcohol, Emulsifying Wax NF (which I ran out of, so added…) Oliv-Wax LQS

Cool Down Phase:  Liquid Germall Plus, Lemon tea tree EO and Chamomile 3% in jojoba EO


Again – I wish I could add a sensory element here, because this moisturiser is the duck’s nuts!!  My crocodile skin is actually moist, and even some of my wrinkles may be a little smoother.  All the oils I used have various properties claimed, due to their fatty acid contents – check ’em out (i.e. google) if you are interested.

And finally, we got treated to a concert in the park one stunning evening last weekend – balmy weather, and perfect for an outdoor concert.  Here are a couple of pics – Steve Earle (USA) as the support act while the sun set spectacularly behind the stage, followed by Paul Kelly (Aus legend) and band – for more than 2 hours!

This is long enough – maybe I will write about our gnocchi night another day.

Until then, happy days to you!

Sarah x



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