Mythology and Christmas reflections

Every year, I wish people happiness and peace at Christmas-time. Actually, I wish us all happiness and peace the whole year round, but around Christmas the focus sharpens.

Embedded in my head (probably from all those years at the local Baptist Sunday School – where my brother and I went on Sunday mornings, not because we were Baptists but because it was the closest one to home) is the phrase “Peace on earth, goodwill to all men” so, (leaving aside the little niggle saying “what about the women?”) I thought I would check it out.

Turns out it isn’t as simple as it seems – and of course schmaltzy movies, books (even the grim Charles Dickens found his soft side for Christmas), and garbage TV advertising now have a role in reshaping the Christmas myth.  Even the usual horrors of the commercial TV 6 o’clock News seemed to be suspended for one day, and counterbalanced by happy families, surfing Santas at beach picnics (not a lot of snow in Oz at Christmas), tinkling bells and happy children.

Good old Wiki is good for history and perspective:

And I thought this an interesting read:

Humans will be humans it seems!

For me the takeaway Christmas deal is – at least touch base with your Self at this time, to reflect on your own sphere of influence on the peace and goodwill front.  And to connect with whatever form your family takes – a delightfully amorphous, evolving, and fluid thing, not at all the “standard nuclear” in my case!

Meanwhile back at the Shed – I spent Christmas Eve (finally some time off work) making soap!  The HP was cooking in 10-15 minutes thanks to the day’s heat.  For the 3rd batch, I decided to CP – the evening was setting in, and I wanted to close up the Shed outside.

The recipe was an adaptation on of one of Benjamin Aaron’s Beer Soap recipes from this book:

I used dark beer and mint tea, with Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender EOs.  Because the weather is warm, I put the moulded soap in the freezer and left it there for 12 hours (overnight).  It popped out of the mould and cut cleanly in the morning – had a lovely creamy look about it.

Off I went to Christmas family breakfast.  When I checked the soap in the afternoon, this is what I found – 12 hours in the freezer, but as soon as it hit room temp – it started gelling!!!


Luckily, by this morning it looked like this – gel complete!  I suppose the freezer time stopped it from volcano-ing, given it was so keen!


Today, I plan to get stuck into that long overdue Shed clean-out and declutter – I am not waiting for New Year to make resolutions – by then the day job will kick in again.  As always, “Now” is the moment I have to work with, so I am hoping to make it useful.

One (little but big) part of my family missing this year is the Supervisor!  He was my Christmas companion, but this year he rests beneath his rosemary bushes under the washing line in the back yard.  I miss him.  RIP Pete!


Best wishes to you all for 2018 – I hope that “peace and goodwill” prevail politicians and power-monger game-players notwithstanding!

Sarah x



4 thoughts on “Mythology and Christmas reflections

  1. Aw, sweet puppy dog. He is with you in spirit this Christmas because it’s all about family, living and gone, the memories, new and old — but mostly — the love, togetherness and special bond between people and pets alike (not just good will toward men — but good will toward all). Happy to see your soap turned out after all. The “before” pictures while it was gelling were scary, but the “after” pictures look like everything turned out out in the end! Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. a sweet call to look within
    to experience a true
    meaning of Christmas,
    the gratitude for all
    that has been given.
    thanks for the soaps
    and adventure stories.
    may your doggie friend
    continue wagging happily
    in your heart into the new year, david 🙂

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