Dodgy followers & dodgy soaping!

Lately I have had a barrage of dodgy email “followers”.  Luckily I have found out how to delete them, so this strategy will do for now.  If that doesn’t work, plan B is cease and delete the whole blog – I am easily creeped out!

Meanwhile back in the Shed, I have had a minor (!) HP boil-over on the last shaving soap (dual lye).  The instructions (from Jan Berry’s second book) said to cook on high for an hour.  Our weather has been pretty warm (mid-30s) so I thought I reduce the cook time – put the timer on for 10 minutes and not much action, so added 15 minutes more and this was the result…


Ho hum.  I stirred and scraped and shaped, and ended up with about 8 shaving soap boondies.  Takeaway message  – HP cook time varies hugely with your weather and outside temperature.


Every soaper has to try Castile Soap at some stage, yeah?  Last week my day for Castile Soap arrived.  Castile Soap is 100% olive oil.  And because of that it has to cure for 6-12 months before it is ready!!  I used 5% KOH and 95% NaOH, and a gentle mix of grapefruit and bergamot EOs.  The soap is CP, so this time to avoid the gel ring, I left the soap in the freezer for 48 hours!  I made only a small batch to test, and used my friend’s amazing organic olive oil from Portugal so the soap will be special (MJ – I will post you some).  Oh – and I also made a tea from some leaves off our olive tree for the lye water which I think contributed to the gentle green colour –


Waiting now for June or later to test.  I have a feeling I will be making more Castile Soap – it has a gentle promise to it.

Our weather has been crazy – actually my favourite sort of weather (tropical, hot and rainy) – not at all typical for our usual summer, which is far more temperate.  But the garden is green and fat and juicy and lush, and the air is full of the scent of happy vegetation – frangipani, lemon-scented gum, magnolia, pepper trees.

Here are some happy fish and flower snaps taken at my work today –

… and  if I don’t delete the whole blog on account of the dodgy followers, I’ll be back with my next soapy instalment.

Happiness to you!

Sarah x






6 thoughts on “Dodgy followers & dodgy soaping!

  1. Oh goodness, I am sorry to hear that – I would so miss your posts if plan B needed to be actioned…..but please know I would fully understand.
    Ooopsie – a soap gremlin trying to escape the pot – looks like you made a great save though.
    I think you’re right about every soaper giving castile a go. Me, I’m not a fan even after 6 months, and I always thought I might try rebatching it, but somehow never got round to it. I love the colour of yours – wonderfully soothing. It almost tempts me to try again !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for your comments, Jo! I would also miss the people and communications I have had from this blog, which is why I will just keep on deleting for now (there have been 3 more dodgy email followers since last night!) and hope their random software moves on soon!
    The 5% KOH was supposed to add bubbles or something, so will see how that goes! I am thinking that different olive oils would give different soaps also.
    Best wishes to you!


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