Epiphany and Figs

I am a procrastinator.   If the nagging bit of my Self wasn’t constantly on at my lazy side, I would happily be a couch sloth in every spare moment.

This morning, as the couch beckoned from its spot by the window and I looked at my piles of Things To Do on a Day Off Work (today), I nearly fell for the lure.  I was looking at the recipes for fig chutney on the laptop, contemplating the chairs and stairs that still need cleaning and oiling, and conscious of the soap books on the table in front of me.

My epiphany was a conscious reckoning of simply starting.  It didn’t matter which of the things I chose to do – the sooner I started one of them, the more likely I was to get through them all.  Very often, the procrastinator, the indecisive part of my nature will spend so long trying to decide what I feel like doing, that I will run out of time to do anything.

This only happens in my leisure hours.  At work, I am very clear and usually very busy and productive – but at work, the prioritisation is clear.  At home, there is less of a priority rating, so I am more likely to waste time procrastinating.  But the older I get, the less I am inclined to waste time – so many things, so little time!  And then I remember that all journeys begin with a single step (thanks Lao Tzu).

I have been exploring this site:  http://dailyom.com

You pay what you can afford for their courses.  I booked into the “Year to Clear”, which just sends a little prompt each day to think about.  If nothing else, it is a daily reminder to keep me on my game with regard to clearing junk / stuck energy / etc.   Kind of like a friendly daily nag / reminder to stay on track!!

And a little daily exercise plan (same website) from Dan Millman – his book, “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, literally kicked off big changes in my life – nearly 30 years ago!  He has a four minute daily exercise routine.  I reckon even I could almost commit to four minutes a day!  Exercise is the bane of my life – I just don’t enjoy it!  Except for walking – but the couch has a strong magnetic pull.

And so – it’s now the afternoon and I am well into the process of scrubbing and oiling wooden furniture outside.  It is hard work, and sweaty.

I will make the fig chutney tonight – I have gathered all the ingredients (well, actually E. has – he likes shopping much more than I do).

And tomorrow I will think about soap.  The first Castile soap is looking lovely, but the second batch looks a little dodgy.  I added some of the finely ground rose petals to the mix, and scented with rose geranium.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but after 48 hours in the freezer, the soap leaked something when I unmoulded it, and despite the freezer time, it seemed to want to get gelling!  I think it’s our warm weather at the moment pushing it.  Oh – and because I was in a hurry, the silicon mould (loaded with the fresh caustic soap) tipped, requiring reconstruction, as I picked it up to put in the freezer, so  my attempt at a “pot swirl” with the rose petals ended up way more swirled than planned!

This is a very rough picture of the rose-petal Castile (left) and another experimental soap (on my halfway oiled table, which of course I had to wipe down again to get the soap off).


My daughter was given some speck (basically a lump of pork fat) and a huge bag full of little cucumbers.  I took a couple of the excess cukes and rendered down the lump of speck  (no matter how gourmet, none of us could actually stomach eating a lump of fat) for soap.  I won’t be rushing to render any more fat though – it took forever and the kitchen stunk!  I used olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and the fat for the soap mix, cucumber puree for the lye dilution, and mint, rosemary and lavender EOs (equal parts) because I thought they would cover any residual piggy pong.  I also added a little green clay to one part and swirled it a bit.  But as always, my CP is a joke and gelled away – I didn’t even bother putting this one in the freezer.  After a week or two it is starting to seem like it might be quite a nice soap.

It’s fig season again, and I swapped some soap for a big bowl of luscious fat figs last week.  I was going to make jam, but I don’t really eat much bread – and there are only so many jam tarts I can find excuses to make.  Last year’s nectarine chutney has all been polished off, so I thought I would use figs in the same back-of-envelope recipe (a friend gave me this recipe – it is from someone’s cookbook, but I can’t remember who).

So – now it is the end of the day and the couch has been lonely.  My muscles are stiff from contorting under the wooden chairs and table outside, and clambering up and down the new steps.  But I have cleaned and oiled and re-oiled and polished 6 chairs, one massive table and our new steps.  The newly oiled wood is glowing and everywhere looks and smells fresher because of it.  We have been out for a family lunch, and I’ve got the chutney nearly done.  I will bottle it tomorrow as I have run out of steam, and run out of today!

My current soap plan is to simplify the soap – explore what I can do with a basic Castile soap and the plants in the garden – but you know me – the wind will blow, and that thought will evaporate – LOL!   Meanwhile, I’ll keep clearing, and trying to stick to the 4 minute daily exercise plan!!

Happy days to you,







12 thoughts on “Epiphany and Figs

  1. Hurray for being able to tick off jobs from the jobs list – oh, the satisfaction!
    I love the idea of being able to swap soap for something, and those figs look so yummy.
    Keep on experimenting – and reporting back! I have so many soapy things I would like to try – all I need now is unlimited time and resources! One can but dream!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s such a satisfying feeling – the circulation of energy of “I swap soap for this” and “swap this for that” – I love the community where I live! Reduces consumerism too – people use things while they want them and them simply recirculate!
    Yes – i love the soapy experiments – thanks for cheering me on : )


  3. What a wonderfully productive day you had in the end! I’ve been exactly the same (procrastinating, I mean), with my blog. Overwhelmed by how long I’d left it, and not knowing how or where to jump back in. Small steps, just like you say. I’m definitely going to check out the website you recommended too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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