Postscript: Walking Paris

One day, in our own domestic airport, whilst waiting for my son to return home, I picked up a book to read.

Conscious of our (at that stage) impending travels to Europe, I chose “Paris Letters”, by Janice Macleod, which led me to her website – – and from there I found another delightful book, “Paris, an inspiring tour of the city’s creative heart” by Janelle McCulloch, a description of Paris by it’s Arrondissements.


We used this book to guide our walks through Arr 5 and 18 in our few days (with a little help from Google, where we discovered the white train and the Montmartre Cemetery).

IMG_1189  IMG_1190


IMG_1284   IMG_1287

IMG_1293   IMG_1296

Each of the described walks was a great way to spend a day, and really gave a familiarity and depth that we would have otherwise missed.  How else would we have found the Pantheon or the Grand Mosquee de Paris with it’s tucked away Tea Salon?

IMG_1074 IMG_1080

IMG_1097   IMG_1101


Or the best ice-cream in the world, near a square where Hemingway used to sit and watch the world go by?

IMG_1088   IMG_1091


And then there’s the gardens – for example the “Jardin des Plantes” which went for miles it seemed – including a comprehensive herb area – very soap inspiring!

IMG_1112    IMG_1119

IMG_1125   IMG_1131

IMG_1133    IMG_1141


If you ever go to Paris, walk – just walk!

And find time to sit and watch the passing parade, or to feel WHO is watching you – like I did whilst sitting on a park bench in the Jardin des Plantes:

IMG_1154   IMG_1152