Strange & bitter marmalade, pink soap unleashed, and whey to go for choc cake.

Well, I don’t think I will be rushing to pick any more green mandarines from the neighbours tree! On the good side, the marmalade set well, apart from the strings of peel rising up! And the big E says it tastes fine – to me to tastes like I’ve added quinine! The wriggly bits of green peel remind me of something that has escaped from the Little Shop of Horrors and I find them quietly creepy – like they might climb the stairs in the night… I will be checking those lids!


Some sweetness to counter the bitter is the delicious choc cake – made with whey instead of milk. This recipe (with either milk or whey) is the best chocolate cake recipe I’ve found! It’s the Goldilocks of choc cakes – not heavy like mud cake and not too light – just right.

And finally – back to soaps…

The strange soap from the other day came out of the mold nicely this morning, and looks good – although who knows what it will smell like when it’s ready in a month or so – it’s still quite soft.

And now, I am looking forward to not coughing in a few days, and to planning what batch of soap to make next weekend.

I think I will start soaking something in some oil, and use an infused oil – or possibly an Earl Grey tea batch (I have a recipe, will try to be more sensible and start with a definite plan, and without the dreaded lurgy clouding my senses).